Takatsukasa Alliance | About Us

About Us

We are among the most outstanding asset management companies in Asia. We manage our clients’ capital through innovative investment solutions across a wide range of capabilities. We foster our investment business by providing private tailored solutions along with company management and support services for third-party asset managers. A major global distribution network is constantly supporting our investment managers, thus ensuring business integrity.

Our Sectors

Takatsukasa Alliance, as an independent asset management firm, has been built by successful investors aiming to broaden and advance the investments industry. Our major responsibility is to efficiently and productively manage our clients’ investments by accurately determining their business priorities and implementing appropriate strategies accordingly.

We address our clients’ requirements through individual tailored solutions and by taking organized, discreet and motivational actions. As the investments industry evolves, we do keep pace with the tendencies by advancing new products and services matching the various business visions of investors all over the world. Our business approach is being distinguished through accessibility, diversification and consistency of results.

Our experts have significant experience in the financial markets, thus they can treat a business situation from different perspectives in order to recommend and ultimately apply the best solutions, including company management, portfolio diversification and other support services. We are determined to ensure continuous financial growth by providing a wide range of products and services and by assuring distribution and operating efficiency at a higher level.


Our Mission & Values

Our liability stands in putting our clients’ capital to work for them, thus creating absolute and favorable conditions to accomplish the established investment objectives. Sharing business insights and being the adepts of professional integrity help us taking the right decisions for our clients. Our mission is to turn investing into a profitable activity by maintaining the balance between participating in upside markets and being minimally exposed to downside ones. Here at Takatsukasa Alliance, we strive for excellence while maintaining healthy competition. We aspire to build long-term and rewarding business relationships and we aim at becoming a preferred collaborator for business people that are looking for success.


Takatsukasa Alliance Is Active

We are spirited thinkers, we magnify our standards and we act beyond boundaries while approaching the challenges in a reliable way. Our internal practices and structures are organized as to secure smart decision-making. Through an amalgam of competences, we are able to put forward practical and productive solutions according to our clients’ needs.


Takatsukasa Alliance Is Collaborative

We keep to our high standards and business principles in our mission to positively mark the industry. We are receptive to other visions and we are open towards strategical and innovative ideas. Communication is the key to a better understanding of the world of investments and it helps gaining the benefits. Our business culture is aligned with those we provide our services for.


Takatsukasa Alliance Is Determined

Ambition and dedication motivate us to enlarge our area of interest and reveal new ideas so that we create the difference. We are analytical in our thinking and encourage our clients to make astute decisions and be confident. Here at Takatsukasa Alliance, we practice and use what has proven to be efficient and productive.


Who We Are

We are a distinguished investment and wealth management company that provides tailored solutions to a diverse typology of investors including individuals, families, foundations and institutions.

First class investment and capital management – an unconditional and customized approach.

Tailored Portfolio Management – We establish and develop investment strategies according to your own considerations — private objectives, investment preferences and expectations along with other belongings.

Profound Resources and Insights - We manage your investment portfolio by customizing a mixture of efficient capital management, best-in-class and third-party solutions arranged in accordance with your exclusive preferences and likelihood.

Our portfolio managers have the investment knowledge and capabilities related to all asset classes, categories and industries. We make use of global resources and facilities, including macro-economic analysis and data on a wide range of securities. As a result, our integrated investment strategies optimize the profit potential while successfully handling risk mitigation.

Flexible Solutions Individually Created for Each Client – We provide objective and integrated investment management while inspiring trust and confidentiality.

A Dedicated Team of Experts – We do not have established boundaries or limits. At Takatsukasa Alliance, we believe in development and we value improvement through matching quality and quantity.

Private and Individualized Approach – As many clients – as many ideas that need special consideration. We work on identifying and organizing our clients’ private needs and preferences and set up corresponding solutions and alternatives. Our professionals work together with every client in particular and consider the relationship between one’s personal and financial goals.

Our experts are assuring the balance between quality and quantity. We are assisting our clients according to their individual priorities and we ensure a high level of service and a continuous partnership. As we value cooperation, our clients have direct access to our portfolio managers, business development managers and other specialists at any time.

We do consider that both a well-managed investment plan and a portfolio created based on your specific needs are necessary for efficient performance. Thereby, our team engages to:

  • Create solutions assuring quality and value
  • Anticipate tax consequences
  • Assist on managing wealth and its transfer to beneficiaries
  • Ensure the conditions for productive long-term relationships

Long Lasting Partnership and Benefits – A business culture associated with clients’ perspectives.

The Required Vitality and Stability – Takatsukasa Alliance has a strong financial track record including well-established balance sheet management methods.

Adjusting our Services to Our Clients’ Visions – Our business is supporting wealth preservation, growth and transfer to other beneficiaries. We work with existing products in the industry that have proven performance and we do not support or practice any incompatible business activities like commercial banking.

A Pan Asian Presence within the International Investment Business – We work on a large scale so that we share globally recognized business insights and get into the essence of an interconnected financial world.


Message from the President

Our primary concern is to inspire and gain our clients’ trust and confidence while accentuating professional integrity. In order to ensure this balance, we are continuously working on enhancing profit potential while mitigating the risk. Another priority is to disclose required information and to ensure high accessibility as well as to offer corresponding assistance, thus accomplishing our obligations towards our clients who have empowered us to manage their assets.

Our goal is to become a reliable partner for our clients. We are making continuous efforts to outline the world of investments by getting engaged in the asset management business.


Message from Management

We are glad to have the chance to communicate our total recognition for the support and trust that you have shown to us.

Along the line, we have noted a higher demand for effective asset management services. In order to meet the expectations, we have been persistent in developing our abilities to create new opportunities and offer access to information. We have managed to register progress within our core securities business by using our position as a financial group that offers qualified professional investment management services.

Our team is totally determined to increase the value of Takatsukasa Alliance and to reinforce its presence in the financial industry. This is achievable through active participation to the wealth-building of our clients while ensuring transparency, efficiency, productivity and improvement.

We count on your support and we express our gratitude.