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Your Future Is Looking Up.

Takatsukasa Alliance’s success derives from professionalism, competence, advanced skills and proficiency that all together represent our management and employee teams. We are open and receptive towards ambitious and dedicated professionals, who are endowed with a prominent work ethic and we are determined to contribute to the company’s performance and results.

Our Sectors

We value our employees and their professionalism as their standards and the quality of their service is representative for our business. We are interested in recruiting and maintaining experts in the field of asset management, which is crucial to building our success and reputation.

Our active and progressive business offers challenging career opportunities for individuals specialized in the financial markets that are looking for career growth. Our approach consists in evaluating and valuing individual merits. Our members have the possibility to leave positive influence in the industry by manifesting their capabilities and by benefiting from a continuous learning process that stimulates improvement.

If you are interested to gain an imposing professional experience – you are invited to be part of our team. We are offering a wide range of opportunities, including competitive pay/benefits packages and a specially designed work environment promising professional growth.

Takatsukasa Alliance is regularly looking for devoted individuals who prefer to work in an innovative and developing environment. If you are interested in becoming part of Takatsukasa Alliance team, please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@takatsukasa-alliance.com.



Takatsukasa Alliance offers its employees an ample Total Compensation Package. Some of the motivational benefits include:

  • Healthcare coverage for employees and their eligible dependents
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Life insurance coverage
  • Business travel and medical insurance


Career Growth

Takatsukasa Alliance is focused on sustaining highly qualified professionals by offering the necessary array of tools by the help of which they can ensure professional growth. The company offers internal career development opportunities and training programs as well as special reimbursement for job related courses.


Business Culture

As part of Takatsukasa Alliance business culture, we encourage combining professional activity with recreation thus ensuring a well-balanced lifestyle. The company offers the possibility to attend recreation clubs, fitness programs, company athletic leagues, interest seminars and other. We also highlight the importance of teambuilding and for that respect we organize a variety of activities that has a positive impact on building a healthy environment for cooperation. The company is committed to encouraging employees maintain a beneficial balance within their professional and personal lives.