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Client Solutions

In every action we take, we value our customers’ principles.

It is a privilege to participate in a competitive business industry that is very significant for the development of our national and global economies. It is an industry where profit making can be ensured by serving customers and communities through being receptive to their needs. In our business we value our clients and treat them as our friends. Our success depends on our customers’ success. We take action to make our clients feel as if they are part of Takatsukasa Alliance family. It is important for us to be perceived as responsive and professional and to meet our clients’ expectations. This is why we consider vital investing in relationships and communication so that we create favorable conditions for business development while inspiring trust and peace of mind.

Our Sectors

One of our priorities is to protect our customers’ data and information thus maintaining high level of confidentiality and safety. Our clients empower us to use their private information in order to put at their disposal our products and services that are meant to save time and resources. They expect guidance from our side as well as support in preserving and growing their financial assets.


Maintaining strong client relationships

Takatsukasa Alliance’s Relationship Management Team is highly experienced in assisting mutual fund companies and other clients accomplish business and investment objectives.

We support our clients through educational programs related to the promoted products, general investment information and market trends.


Client-centered solutions

Our equity structure consists of several approaches specially organized to correspond with investors’ preferences and financial objectives. Some of the examples are listed below:


Investment objective

Featured approaches

Increase emerging markets exposure – We consider that the emerging markets create a highly beneficial environment for investment opportunities, however, based on our experience, they are being marginalized in the case of multiple portfolios. We provide a number of solutions meant to help our clients access these dynamic markets appropriately.


  • Global Opportunities
  • Emerging Markets Research Equity
  • Emerging Markets Systematic Equity
  • Asia Equity


Apply a contrarian approach – Contrarians contest conventional understanding. They take apart common sentiment, estimation and fundamentals in order to approach underlying value. According to contrarian approaches, potential opportunities that markets are lacking are being discovered.

  • Global Contrarian Equity
  • International Contrarian Value
  • Asian Contrarian Equity


Generate income – In a low-income environment, investors find it relevant to get exposed to equity-based strategies that may generate dividend income, which represents a significant component of total real return.


  • Equity Income
  • Global Equity Income
  • Dividend Growth


Diversify with lower correlated sources of return – Real assets and alternatives often demonstrate low correlation with traditional equities and create the conditions for outperformance when inflation is on the rise.

  • Energy
  • Global Agriculture


Assure lower portfolio volatility – Approaches that enable to regularly take advantage of diverse sources of alpha, thus helping investors lower their overall risk over time and avoid frequently met traps, like behavioral biases.

  • Disciplined Small Cap Equity
  • Enduring Assets