Takatsukasa Alliance | Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Takatsukasa Alliance is represented by an investment philosophy highlighting the essential value of investing with the help of a diverse range of strategies. This investment philosophy has been maintained and promoted along the line and has been continuously reflected within all business processes. Takatsukasa Alliance’s investment decision-making process and management activities are explicitly created to support this philosophy.

Our Sectors

The fundamental understandings that construct our philosophy and that allow portfolio management at Takatsukasa Alliance are:


Long-term fundamental value

Securities are often mispriced in the markets. Prices break patterns of the fundamental value, however, they are adjustable depending on inflation, credit quality factor and liquidity conditions. Investing regularly in undervalued securities can generate better investment returns.

We are able to detect mispriced products in a systematic way and we can profit from securities that have lower prices than the fundamental fair value. We can take advantage of mispriced products by performing explicit and deep analysis, by comparing prices to the fundamental fair values projected by our macroeconomic and credit researchers around.

Our clients’ portfolios reflect our business principles. The divergence between our perspectives on fair value and pricing in the markets determine the potential value opportunity. Trusting our view of fundamentals accentuates the range of used strategies within portfolio management.


Multiple diversified strategies

On our mission to register investment performance we count on diversified sources of returns. Our purpose is to meet our investors' financial objectives while taking into account risk tolerance. We are adepts of investment diversification and we add value across interest rate duration, yield curve, security selection, sector allocation, country and currency strategies. We apply a range of diversified strategies that bring benefits under different conditions.

Takatsukasa Alliance is an independent asset management company offering investment solutions for investors interested in different sectors and having different business background.

Our team is experienced in sourcing attractive investment opportunities, organizing and managing the investments so that it corresponds with our clients’ preferences and business conditions. Each opportunity is approached according to the existing conditions and that helps us accomplish our mission which is to ensure investors’ business goals.

Due to a culturally diversified team comprising professionals that have investment, capital, infrastructure and general business backgrounds, our priority is to provide services that meet your investment objectives.