Takatsukasa Alliance | Our Clients

Our Clients

We are providing services for a complex typology of investors coming from different parts of the world. Among our clients can be noted defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans, wealth managers, financial intermediaries, insurance companies, foundations, central banks and sovereign institutions as well as private investors.

Our Sectors

A great number of our clients are assisted by advisors in order to obtain individual consultancy on structuring a plan, asset allocation, selection of managers and control along with other related issues. Our advisors are qualified professionals who are regularly trained to assist our clients within the most diversified aspects.


Individual Investors

Individual investors have access to our products through our range of investment vehicles.

Private Vehicles – Allow qualified investors to take advantage of Takatsukasa Alliance’s products through private investment vehicles.

Public Vehicles – Offer investors the possibility to select Takatsukasa Alliance products through public combined investment vehicles with daily liquidity.


Wealth managers

Takatsukasa Alliance acts as an investment adviser or sub adviser for clients around the world who take responsibility over mutual funds and other integrated vehicles. Our clients include banks, insurance companies as well as asset management companies.

Our clients are our motivation and embody:

  • Development of new investment approaches for progressive markets
  • Perspectives on structuring and marketing new products
  • Management of individual portfolios
  • Leadership from our investors related to diverse subjects



Takatsukasa Alliance cooperates with business consultants all over the world in order to establish and assess suitable investment solutions and strategies for all categories of clients. We are also providing a wide range of services to certain consultants who act as shared clients. Additionally, we offer our consultants access to explicit portfolio information and put them in contact with our investment professionals in order to optimize their research and assessment of our investment strategies.


Defined benefit plans

Our clients turn to us for:

  • Wide-ranging investment capabilities important for actual plan challenges
  • Independent research and analytical resources to support decision making
  • Collaborative approach to problem solving addressed towards each investor’s objectives

Current plan challenges – Defined benefit plans involve several risks related to plan and portfolio construction, asset allocation practices and financial market changing aspects.

Corporate plans and liability hedging – Currently, certain plans are using variations that may additionally reallocate from equities and other assets to long-term bonds in order to identify lower funded-ratio volatility. We believe that these plans are gradually influencing on choosing between traditional long-bond benchmark strategies and a more tailored approach that can hedge specific risk factors.

Public plans and the investment toolkit – Sponsors of public pensions are facing a variety of challenges. Some plans are funded with less resources and their accounting practices and benefit representations are publicly displayed. The toolkit that sponsors can consider to meet the various challenges has not changed along the line, however, the way these tools are used can be changed.


Endowments and foundations

Our key beliefs for endowments and foundations investing are:

Balance the necessity for growth contrary to obligations – An imposing benefit is noted to be a long-time horizon, however, efficient distribution of capital requires a clear perspective on short-term liabilities.

Matching assets to the set-up goals – It is of a great importance to carefully align investment strategies to clearly established goals.

Due to the inflation factor, it is necessary to recommend a strategic allocation to inflation-hedging assets. As it has been noticed, periods of low inflation have been the best time to initiate and manage such allocations.

Think about the function, not about the form – The importance of an asset within a nonprofit's portfolio is greater than the asset class in itself. We recommend to focus on the results rather than on asset categories.

Choose to be contrarian – Pay attention to the importance of diversification. Analyze underperforming asset classes and sectors in order to select correlation.


Central banks and sovereign institutions

Our company manages fixed income, equity and alternative investment strategies for sovereign clients beyond the Japanese boundaries. Central banks, government investment agencies and government-funded entities have inquired our services and level of expertise. Several partnerships with sovereign clients have been established and sustained for a long time.

Takatsukasa Alliance’s ownership model, which is an individualized and independent one, is frequently required by investors who prioritize confidentiality and we focus on investment management solutions that comply with our clients’ business goals.


Resources for sovereign clients

Compliance, research and asset allocation are regularly touched upon within specialized forums and educational programs.

Takatsukasa Alliance has its internal educational program for investment executives from our global client base who are improving the informational background related to the equity and fixed income markets, derivatives, asset allocation strategies, and risk-management practices. The educational program implies a series of presentations, group discussions and collective observations related to the investment process.