Takatsukasa Alliance | Our Services

Our Services

Here at Takatsukasa Alliance, we take on the responsibility to build, manage and monitor clients’ portfolios while complying with investment objectives and respecting internal guidelines across asset classes.

Our Sectors

Investment Services

  • Asset allocation
  • Strategy selection
  • Portfolio management
  • Manager and fund selection
  • Controlling and reporting

Asset classes

Takatsukasa Alliance ensures access to first-in-class managers:

  • Equity solutions
  • Bond and Income solutions
  • Opportunities selection
  • Timely reviews of asset allocation and strategy grouping
  • Long term investments
  • Manager selection from a broad database

Takatsukasa Alliance is constantly reviewing and monitoring its asset managers. Depending on business conditions, allocation changes and replacements are being supported.


Customization and full advice

Takatsukasa Alliance provides tailored solutions depending on the results of the consulting process and is supporting cooperative work.



We are operating as investment professionals and accessing up-to-date information is vital for us. We have acquired a large database related to the world's asset management companies and asset managers where our clients have placed their funds. Additionally, we have agreements with many of the world's leading advisory firms. As a result, similar resources allow us to perform deep analysis in order to select the matching solutions for our clients’ needs. We are also identifying and using different asset management professionals depending on the market trends.


Our Business Partners

Among our partners can be noted: global investment services firms with clients and partnerships located all over the world; privately held companies with a high ratio of employee ownership; institutional clients such as pension plan sponsors, healthcare organizations, foundations, endowments and financial intermediaries among other investors.




  • Asia Contrarian Equity
  • Asia Pacific
  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • Emerging Markets Local
  • Emerging Markets Opportunities
  • Emerging Markets Research Equity
  • Emerging Markets Systematic Equity
  • Europe Contrarian Value
  • Europe Research Equity
  • Europe Small Cap Equity
  • Global Contrarian Equity
  • Global Dividend Growth


  • Global Equity Income
  • Global Growth
  • Global Low Volatility
  • Global Opportunistic Value
  • Global Opportunities
  • Global Perspectives
  • Global Quality Equity
  • Global Select Capital Appreciation
  • Global Smaller Companies
  • Global Value
  • International Contrarian Value
  • International Disciplined Growth


  • International/Global Research Equity
  • International Opportunities
  • International Quantitative Equity
  • International Small Cap Equity
  • Japan Contrarian Equity
  • Japan Research Equity
  • Japan Small Cap Equity
  • Japan Special Situations
  • Opportunistic International Growth
  • Strategic European Equity



  • Asian Local Opportunities
  • Asia Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Diversified Health Care
  • Emerging Markets Health Care
  • Energy
  • Global Agriculture
  • Global Environmental Opportunities


  • Global Communications
  • Global Energy
  • Global Finance
  • Global Health Care
  • Global Industrials
  • Global Natural Resources


  • Global Precious Metals
  • Global Property
  • Global Retail Themes
  • Global Technology
  • Global Utilities
  • Real Estate Securities


Specialty Equities

  • All Cap Opportunities
  • Enduring Assets
  • Micro Cap Equity


  • Select Capital Appreciation
  • Select Intrinsic Value
  • Special Equity


  • Technical Equity


Fixed Income


  • Advanced Beta
  • Currency
  • Emerging and Sovereign Opportunities
  • Emerging Local Currency


  • Emerging Markets Debt
  • Global Aggregate
  • Global Credit
  • Global High Yield
  • Long/Short Credit


  • Multi Sector
  • Unconstrained
  • Systematic Relative Value
  • World Bond



  • Gilts


  • Euro Aggregate
  • Euro Corporate Bond
  • Japan Core Bond Plus


  • Liability Driven Investment
  • Sterling Core Bond/Long Bond
  • Sterling Corporate



  • Bank Loans
  • Core Bond
  • High Yield


  • Investment Grade Corporates
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Municipal Bond
  • Short Bond


  • Structured Finance


Multi-Asset and Strategic Solutions

Inflation Related

  • Diversified Inflation Hedges


  • Strategic Real Asset


  • Balanced Real Assets


Absolute Return

  • Select Rates Relative Value







  • Opportunistic Equity


  • Opportunistic Investment Allocation




Holistic/Diversified Growth

  • Active Multi-Asset







  • Wellington Trust Target Series







Long/Short Sector

  • Energy
  • Financial Services


  • Global Agriculture
  • Health Care


  • Natural Resources
  • Technology


Long/Short Equity

  • Capital Appreciation
  • Capital Cycles
  • Hedged Alpha Opportunities


  • Long Short Country Alpha
  • Multi Sector
  • Special Equities


  • Systematic Global Absolute Return
  • Market Neutral


Fixed Income Oriented

  • Developed Currencies Relative Value


  • Global Macro Hedged


  • Systematic Relative Value


Multi-Asset Solutions

  • Multi-Strategy


  • Real Asset


  • Risk Parity


Alternative Exposures

  • Greek Contrarian


  • Natural Gas


  • Real Estate